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Arguably one of the most influential and charismatic figures to grace the stage and screen with his talents, the legendary James Cagney was so much more than Hollywood's first modern tough guy. From his scappy youthful days in the hustle bustle of New York Cities Upper East Side, to his quiet golden years spent on his farm in the peaceful Hudson Valley, Far Away Fella retraces the amazing life journey of this cinematic icon and the world that he punched, danced and acted his way to the top.

Far Away Fella
The Life & Times of James Cagney

Comic Land
The Changing Landscape of the Comic Shop

(Coming soon!)

The Expendable

(Web-Series in developement)


Up Coming Events

Monday June 27th
Shooting at the historic Mahattan social club The Players for their legendary Pipe Night, honoring the memory of lifelong member James Cagney, as well as actor Robert Creighton for his award winning hit musical CAGNEY.

Sunday, July 17th
Cagney 117th Birthday Event at the famed Sardi's Restaurant in Manhattan (Cagney's lifelong favorite nyc eatery)

In The Press


Justin Salsberg has been making short films since the 1980's when he created The Apocalypse Film Club, renting a VHS camcorder from the local video storeand shooting with anyone he could enlist after school and on weekends, editing on two VCR's .
Fast forward 30 years and this Manhattan-based visual story teller who's creative eye for nastolgia transports you to another time and place to learn from within those spaces. Justin is also currently a sketch comedy writer for New York Cities Upright Citizens Brigade.

"Justin really has a vision and a gritty story telling that sets him apart from the others and makes it his defining signature. Easily a film making star on the rise and one to watch for. That Justin, boy he's really somethin' special." 

                 - Justin

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